what’s that korra fandom?
I’m being kicked out?

what’s that korra fandom?

I’m being kicked out?


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    if the world really does end this will have been my most popular post I have never been so ashamed
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about to send this bitch to the shadow realm

hey there, my name is LEXI and i'm the BEE'S KNEES! i'm 19. i'm from New York, but I'm currently attending college in INDIANA, where i'm studying 日本語. i love CATS, and i'm currently in an OPEN RELATIONSHIP WITH EVERY CAT IN THE WORLD.

here you'll find a collection of homestuck and pokemon and cats and cartoon shows meant for people younger than me - including adventure time, steven universe, bravest warriors, bee and puppycat, and sometimes my little pony - as well as a little anime and a healthy sprinkling of goofy text posts.